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Like a huge number of other people, my co-workers and I are fans of Google Chrome.  Of course, as web developers, there has been one feature that has been driving us nuts — the inability to persist the developer tool’s console log messages across page refreshes.  Whenever I find myself in a situation where I absolutely must have this functionality, I have to abandon Chrome, launch Firefox, and do my work in Firebug.

Granted, Firebug is an excellent tool and one with which every web developer should be familiar.  But having to switch browsers mid work flow is such an annoyance.

Well not any more!  I’m not sure which version it was released in — I’m currently running version 14.0.835.202 of Chromium — but it’s here.

Preserve Console Log Messages Across Page Navigation
Preserve log upon navigation

Fire up the developer tool window, click the gear icon on the lower right hand corner, and check the box we’ve all been waiting for. Alternatively, you can right click in the console window and enable the option from the associated context window.

Thanks to Google and all the excellent Chrome developers for this much awaited feature. Now back to my work!

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